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    "Stir It Up - Bob Marley and the CIA - a novel" 

top Bob Marley books Bob Marley novels Jamaica CIA destabilization of Jamaica


         The CIA Targets


          Bob Marley 

             and the


     Manley Government

                      a novel


Jamaica, 1976 -- tribal war rages in the tenement yards of West Kingston as the CIA runs divide-and-rule against the Manley government - Bob Marley's  bold lyrics of revolution endanger his life. As national elections near, the yards burn and "blood a run" - as seen through the eyes of an American youth who worships Marley - and fears the CIA chief is none other than his father.


A novel of history - roots - culture - music - a work of "faction" that weaves fact and fiction to tell a story larger than life.  Highly praised by top Reggae personalities.


AVAILABLE worldwide on Amazon (Paperback & Kindle) --

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SIGNED COPIES available from author $20 + postal charge


"A lasting gem" -- Roger Steffens, top Marley historian

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"Riveting tale" -- Doug Wendt, legendary  reggae DJ 


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"Yummy stuff" --  Saul Landau, noted author / filmmaker


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